Free Access Of Transsexuals To Sex Change     

Free Access Of Transsexuals To Sex Change     

In the change of sex, not only that there are obstacles, taboo subjects, culture, religion and others, but also in this procedure, the transsexual encounters factors that make him consider this process or opt for other options. For example, sex change operation Thailand cost.

The factor that influences when resorting to a sex change operation (from woman to man or from man to woman) which is one of the longest existing in current medicine is the cost for this, as it is one of the most expensive in the world of surgeries. The average cost for the intervention can exceed 19,000 USD, to which we must add the previous and subsequent treatment, among other expenses. This implies a price that many transsexuals cannot bear and have to resort to public health.

Requirements To Access A Sex Change Operation Through Public Health

The process that transsexuals face is not characterized by being easy and short, as it is long and requires extensive prior treatment. However, there is no common requirement for sex reassignment operations, but it depends on each public center and each autonomous community. However, in general, some of them are:

  • The transsexual must be over 18 years of age, as it is the age where you can choose whether to perform the procedure or not. Like, it is where the person is already totally sure of wanting a sex change. That is, where he is clear about what he wants.
  • It must pass a hormonal treatment process (between one and two years), it is necessary to be able to start the procedure because, also, it influences the results.
  • You must pass a psychological treatment because the changes that your body will have are significant, and it is better that you receive psychological attention or accompaniment. In this aspect, the patient finds acceptance, improving their self-esteem, among other disorders.
  • You must receive the approval from a psychologist and pass a thorough follow-up in the center where the operation will be performed, which helps to avoid emotional problems in the future.