Different materials that are used to make cloth bags


In the current day and age, pollution is on a rise which is contributing to the global warming. Waste generated due to the use of plastic bags for shopping and carrying stuff around is one of the biggest parts of global waste management issues along with land, soil and air pollution. The only way to avoid these issues is by using reusable cloth bags.

One of the biggest advantages of using cloth bags is the fact that they can be used for a long time due to their durability and better design. When they get dirty, they can also be easily washed and once they are no longer fit for usage, they can be easily discarded as they are completely biodegradable naturally.

The following are the most common types of cloth bags that you can find in the market-

  • Cotton bags

Cotton or กระเป๋าผ้าใบ are one of the most popular types of cloth bags that are available in the market. One of the biggest advantages of having these is the fact that they come in various designs and are extremely durable and can be used for a very long time. As the name suggests, they are made with high quality cotton fiber, which contributes to its strength and durability. Bags made out of cotton are easily biodegraded with natural processes which makes their waste management a lot easier.

  • Jute bags

One of the most durable, affordable and easily biodegradable material is jute. Jute offers great durability along with great look and feel, which makes it an ideal choice for shopping bags. They can be easily cleaned and do not take a lot of time to biodegrade with natural processes.

Benefits of using cloth bags

The following are a few benefits of using cloth bags for shopping.

  • Reusability

One of the biggest advantages of using cloth bags is that they are extremely durable and are made for long term usage. This durability allows for great reusability and users can use these bags for their shopping needs for a long time.

  • Easy to clean

Cloth bags can be easily cleaned by hands or by simply throwing them in washing machines. Even after multiple washes, they don’t lose their durability and provide clean and new look, unlike their plastic counterparts that needs to be thrown away after single usage.

  • Eco-friendly

The main reason behind starting to use cloth bags is that they are eco friendly. In a time when plastic usage is causing mayhem for waste management, these bags are completely biodegradable. This helps in avoiding pollution and issues related to waste management.


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