Choosing a Bluetooth Headphone: 8 Must-Have Features

Choosing a Bluetooth Headphone: 8 Must-Have Features

Bluetooth headphones are quite a trend now and can be seen on every head at an alley and turns. These wireless devices amplify your music-listening experience. You can buy Bluetooth headphones online to choose from a wider variety. However, there are certain things that you should look for while buying these earpieces. We have rounded up eight of the must-have features which will help you pick the right one for you. Let us take a look at them.

  1. Usability

These Bluetooth headphones are among those belongings that you would love to use most of the time of your day. When you are looking to make the appropriate choice, you should take the usability factor into account. Such earpieces should have buttons and features that are convenient and accessible to use. You should be comfortable with the earpads, and it should not hurt will you put them on.

  1. Active Noise Cancelling

Almost all Bluetooth headphones come with active noise canceling (ANC), which is very useful. Looking for it while buying an earpiece will help enhance the sound and eliminate the noise outside. This feature also enables you to focus more on the music rather than the disturbances.

  1. Sound Technology

When you invest in your headphones, it will be best to go for the one that implements the right sound technology. A 40 mm speaker unit can produce excellent results, and it can be even better if paired with 90 dB capacity.

  1. Enhanced Button Controls

While purchasing Bluetooth headphones, it will be wise to pick one with full button controls, such as play, pause, track up and down, sound, ANC, etc. It will provide you with the ultimate experience and also make things convenient.

  1. Long Battery Life

Long battery life is something that you should definitely root for. You can listen to your favourite music without worrying about charging the device every other hour. And if you are a frequent traveller, then it is the most useful must-have feature for you.

  1. Compact

Headphones, if not anything, should be portable and compact, yet sturdy. It should provide you with the liberty to carry them around to experience music anytime and anywhere. The wireless varieties are ideal for travellers and those who like to move around with the music on.

  1. Microphone

Today’s phones are compatible with almost any headphone; likewise, the headphone you select should have a good quality microphone, too. It will help you answer calls while you happen to listen to music from your phone.

  1. USB Charging Port

It will be best to go for Bluetooth headphones with a standard USB port and plug for charging purposes. It makes things convenient and accessible. Such a feature will allow you to charge your device from a power bank and your laptop.


So, looking for the features mentioned above will help you in purchasing the right pair of headphones. These points are absolute must-haves for an enhanced overall music experience. We hope we have helped you in determining what you need to look for while selecting Bluetooth headphones.