Easy Tips To Clean A Sand And Water Table And Keep It Clean

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Sand and water are two elements that children love the most to play with. Therefore a sand and water table can be an excellent plaything.

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Not only a sand and water table is fun to play with, but it also offers many benefits regarding sensory experiences and educational understanding.

A sand and water table can thus become a huge help in children’s development.

While you may be planning to purchase pull along wagon at Step2 Direct you should also consider buying a sand and water table for your kid for her healthy development along with great enjoyment.

However, no matter how nice a sand and water table is for children’s growth, it can also be a breeding ground for germs and diseases if it’s not cleaned properly.

If you are wondering how to clean your kid’s sand and water table and how to keep it clean, here are a few tips that you might find useful.

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How to Clean Your Kid’s Sand and Water Table?

Cleaning the Sand

The sand in a Step2 Direct kids sand and water play table should be cleaned regularly of foreign substances and must be replaced as frequently as required.

Aim for keeping the sand visibly clean and make sure it’s free from unnecessary materials. Consider using sand rakes and colanders to sift through the sand and clean it.

Add Fresh Water Right Before Children Start Playing

Just when your children are about to start playing at the table, fill it with fresh portable water. It’s a good idea to set a suitable inlet and outlet for water in order to fill the table with free-flowing portable water.

Wash the Basins and Toys at the End of the Day

The water and sand basins of the table and toys should be sanitised at the end of the day.

Use a solution of two teaspoons of bleach and one gallon of water to wash the table. Rinse thoroughly and let the table dry completely.

How to Keep the Sand and Water Table Clean?

Keep it Covered

When it’s not in use, keep the table covered to avoid becoming dirty. If a cover has not been provided with the table, use cardboard or plastic for covering it.

Sift the Sand

Sifting the sand at least once a week will make sure the sand at the bottom is moved to the top and the sand is aerated.

Ask Children to Wash Hands

Before children start playing at the sand and water table and after they finish playing, ask them to wash their hands.

Don’t allow them to play at the table if they have sores, cuts or scratches on their hands, until the wounds are healed. This will prevent infections.

Use Sterilised Sand

Using the prepackaged sterilised sand is a good idea because such sand is free from harmful or toxic materials.

You can also spread the sand and pick out any debris and mist the sand with sanitiser and then let it air dry.

Keep the sand and water table clean with these tips and make sure your children are safe while having fun.

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3 Important Tips To Deal Successfully With Your Child’s Developmental Age Range Of 6 To 8 Years

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As such every growth period in a child’s development is important, but the period between 6 to 8 years is especially important because her gross and fine motor skills become much more refined and coordinated during this period.

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One of the most remarkable changes is seen in the child’s coordination during this age. He will develop the ability to coordinate independent actions of upper as well as lower extremities finely into a synchronous movement.

For example, successfully climbing a ladder on the best kids outdoor play equipment at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop needs reciprocal leg motion (one leg applies pressure on the rung while the other leg relaxes) together with arm movements to hold the ladder all while maintaining the balance to avoid falling.

1. Cognitive Skills Development

According to Jean Piaget children of 6 to 8 years of age enter the “intuitive phase”. Their speech pattern matures and you can expect long and complex sentences.

There may be infrequent stammering or stuttering but it should not be considered abnormal and should be taken seriously only if it interferes with social or academic activities.

The child’s thought processes are less self-centered and she starts to identify that her intended or unintended actions have consequences.

You should keep in mind that this age range is bound by solid thought processes. Actions are either black or white, and not grey. Thus, particular dos and don’ts are important.

A conscience develops gradually in this age range and it’s a major milestone in the development.

Thus the child may understand that her mom told her not to play at night; however, she may purposefully withdraw the “do not” command by rationalising that mom would allow her to play on the bed for some time.

2. Caring for a Child During the 6-to-8 Years Age Range

During this age range, a child is likely to discover that he lags behind his peers in athletic skills. Similarly this age range is also competitive by nature. As a result the child may get frustrated.

In such a condition, parents should accept that their child may not be the team’s best player.

Stressing that the purpose of participation in sports is enjoyment rather than winning can help have a healthier attitude and offer a release valve for frustration.

3. Ensuring Safety

6 to 8 year old children often look at their parents as a key obligation of offering an emotional security net for a usually turbulent period.

Emphasizing that the love and respect the child gets from them doesn’t depend on academic, social or athletic achievement is very important.

Together with such an unconditional love, parental belief about expectations and consequences should be expressed.

It’s obligatory for parents to provide athletic equipment which should be correct for age and size of the child. They should also buy baby musical instruments from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop that are correctly sized.

The assumption that “she’ll grow into it” may invite accidents. Bikes, helmets, gloves, cricket bats, basketball poles, guitars and accordions should properly fit the child when they are purchased.

Follow these tips and you’ll successfully deal with this important phase of your child’s development to become a proud parent.

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Ultimate Rakhi Celebration with Siblings to Make Day Unforgettable!!

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Raksha Bandhan is about to knock the door, what are your plans to celebrate this year to make it memorable for your darling siblings. If not, then don’t worry. Here you will get some amazing and astonishing ideas which will surely turn the special occasion of Raksha Bandhan into the most special one for you as well as for dearest siblings. If in case your brother or sister is staying in UK or other parts of the world, then online Rakhi delivery in UK or wherever he/she is staying will be a better option. 

For making the Raksha Bandhan the memorable one, you can try the below-listed ideas which will surely turn the special day of Rakhi into the most special one. Let’s have the look at-

  1. Make the special Breakfast to siblings

Yes, you can start your day by preparing the special breakfast to your adorable siblings and can make them feel very special. It is a good way to start the special day and spreading the love. 

  1. Twining cloths with siblings

Yes to make the occasion fun and memorable, you can twin same color cloths with your adorable siblings. This is really a very good idea to celebrate the occasion in a unique way. 

  1. Decorate the Place

You can decorate the place where you will perform the Rakhi tying ceremony with the old photos and other decorative items. It will surely make your siblings feel very special. Also, it will remind him/her the best days you have lived with your adorable siblings. So, what says? Don’t you think that it sounds very interesting idea? Also, you will get a beautiful background for taking the picture on the occasion of Rakhi 2019. So, try this one and make the occasion the most happening one. 

  1. Do lunch together

After the Rakhi tying ceremony, you can do the lunch with your dearest siblings and can have a lot of chit-chats while having lunch. This way is perfect to strengthen the bond of love with siblings. Also, this way, you will get to know your siblings more. 

  1. Go for a Movie 

You can go for watching a movie with your siblings on the special day of Rakhi. Watching a movie with siblings will be a nice and memorable experience. 

  1. Talk a long walk with siblings

In the evening, you should take a walk with your siblings and discuss your present and future plan with them. Also, try to know what they want to do in life and how can you support each other. This will be a great way to end up the day with the beautiful memories which will last forever. 

So, do all these little but very sweet things on the day of Raksha Bandhan and turn it into the most remarkable day in the life of your siblings. Life is all about to enjoy, so why not celebrate it with the whole heart and make it the most beautiful journey by spreading love & happiness. Hope, all these ideas will help you and make the occasion unforgettable to you. 

Also, for adding more excitement and joy in the celebration, you can give beautiful gifts to your siblings. And, for the ones who are residing away from home, you can opt online Rakhi delivery in UK or other parts of the world wherever they are living along with wonderful Rakhi gifts. For doing so, you can take the help of It is a reliable portal from where buying or sending Rakhi or Rakhi gifts across the world is not a problem. You can send online Rakhi in India or any other part of the world with ease via this portal that even in a smooth manner.

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8 Mind Blowing Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Your Best Friend Forever!

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People need a reason to party and organize a get-together. It can be for any event like a birthday party, anniversary party or simply a casual meet up. But when it comes to special occasions like anniversary parties, it is all about the couple and their love for each other. And it is the duty of the friends to make that day even more special for the duo by being with them, in case they are invited to a party organized by the couple.

Now the next and the most important question is, how to make the occasion special? Well, the answer is simple, through a gift. But you must be wondering what is so special about it, right? Does an expensive gift is more special? You will be surprised to know that the cost of a gift doesn’t make it more special, the thought and the warmth behind it matters the most. And to help you out, we have curated a list of 8 items which you can gift your friend on his/her wedding anniversary. Have a look at it below.

  1. Gift A Moment: You must be wondering how it is possible to gift a moment? Well, you are in for a very delightful surprise. There are some agencies in India which organize private day-tours for couples as gifts given by their dear ones. Depending upon the type of package opted for, it includes chauffeur driven car, little personalized gifts, and romantic meals. So you can gift a surprise day filled with lots of fun and personal time to your best friend and his/her spouse. Trust us, they won’t be able to thank you enough.
  2. Floral Bouquets: Yes, we know it is a very old and clichéd way of showing up to a party. But you must have also heard the famous saying ‘old is gold’. And so is this tradition. Who feels let-down on seeing flowers? They automatically bring a smile on the receivers face and gifting flower is considered to be a nice gesture which adds fragrance to a relationship. And friendship is the most special bond in the entire world, right?
  3. Gift Cards: No, we are not asking you to show up with paper cards as anniversary wishes for wife. Rather we are talking about digital cards/ gift vouchers of various brands. Like if your friend is a pizza-lover then a Domino’s pizza gift card will be a perfect choice. Or if he/she is a shopaholic then a voucher from brands like Shopper’s Stop, Zara, and Lifestyle is easily available. Gifting such cards/ vouchers are gaining a lot of momentum as a trend.
  4. Personalized Bedside Lamp: A set of white and glowing bedside lamps with the couple’s initial is the quintessential choice. And not even that, you can easily find numerous options which can be personalized for the couple perfectly like coffee mugs, pillow set etc. The main aim is to keep the gift unique and this target can be easily achieved by getting the gift engraved or customized with the couple’s initials or name.
  5. Watch: If money is not an aspect to be kept in mind, then you can gift the friend and his/her spouse a watch set. The market is filled with endless of options like Swarovski studded, diamond studded, real-leather strap based, silver and gold plated watches. Choose the type of watch which comes within your budget.
  6. Cake: If you are feeling very unsure about taking a particular gift for your friend and his/her spouse, then the safest option is a cake. Trust us, this sweet delight can never go wrong as a wedding anniversary gift. And if flavor selection is not an issue, then we recommend purchasing a red velvet cake as this flavor is associated with romance.
  7. Chocolates: Who doesn’t love the sweet and bitter flavor of cocoa? A gift box of premium chocolate will surely bring a zillion dollar smile on the special couple’s face. The market is filled with a variety of chocolaty delights like fruit flavors (orange and grapes), nuts flavor (cashew, walnut, and almond) and even alcohol filled ones (vodka, rum, and whiskey).
  8. Coffee Maker: If you know that your friend doesn’t own a coffee maker machine, then a wedding anniversary is the perfect occasion to make such a gift. The first sip of freshly brewed morning coffee will always remind them of you. What more you can ask for, right?

We hope by now you have decided the perfect gift for the friends’ wedding anniversary. But wouldn’t you want to capture all the happy moments of the party? The answer will be an obvious YES! And for that, you simply need to search and book an experienced photographer who will freeze all the moments in his frame.

To book, you just need to visit which is India’s leading online wedding vendor market. Here you will find hundreds of professional photographers in your city. Visit and book now!

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5 Summer Hats for Women to Complete Your Look  


While summer sun, beach tides, and family vacations are all definitely highlights of summer, there’s one more we can’t overlook—the chance to ditch the bulky winter wear for lovely summer fashions. Nothing says summer fun like a new sundress, cutoff shorts, or a spunky tank, and the best accessory for any summer outfit is the perfect summer hat! If you’ve never explored summer hats for women, today is a great day to start, and we’ve got you covered with five fabulous styles to look at first.



  1. Sun Hat

As you can guess from the name, this style truly is one of the best summer hats for women, but so many have yet to try one. Protection from the sun is where these hats shine, but they’re also gorgeous and fun. Get one with a ribbon or a classy weave and take that wide-brim for a spectacular day at the beach!

  1. Bucket

Bucket hats are comfortable and cute. They have none of the stiffness of other styles, which means a better fit and less chance to get blown off by a hot breeze. While sun hats are generally a uniform color, buckets come in solid colors as well as fun patterns, so choose what best reflects your style!

  1. Visor

The visor is the simplest style on our list, but that’s what makes it great! Visors shade your eyes without covering your head, which means they’ll save you from squinting while still keeping things cool. They’re small and easy to pack, and they’re still a great complement to any summer outfit.

  1. Fedora

Whether you go flat-brimmed or curled, nothing says style quite like a fedora! These hats have undeniable personality that spices up every outfit they’re paired with. They have all the fun style of sun hats without the bulk, and if you’ve never tried one, this is the next item your summer wardrobe needs.

  1. Baseball Cap (and other styles of Cap)

Simple, traditional, and unbeatable. Caps can be casual, and they can also be cute as heck. Because of the variety of designs and colors available, these are perhaps the easiest hats to express your personality with. These are also the go-to hats to pair with cutoff denim shorts or any fun-loving tee. The cap is a must-have for summer!



Whether you’re a hat person or not, these five styles will round out your summer look in a way nothing else can. Add a few summer hats for women to your wardrobe today!


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