All That You Need to know: Komal Pandey

All That You Need to know: Komal Pandey

When it comes to the most renowned YouTubers then it is for sure that Komal Pandey happens to be one of them. Specially when it comes to the Fashion blogs that she produces, she is really captivating. She started her blog writing career differently, by starting to write different blogs and at that time she used the name The collage Couture. She also had short period of career in hairstyling and school teaching. It was the turn of fate that lead him into this field and she really proved herself an worthy follower of this career. Now you can look at the progress she had and get inspired.

Komal Pandey was born in the year 1994, 18th June in New Delhi. Now she is 25 years of age. When her graduation in was over in Shahid Bhagat Singh Collage she followed different career choices as per mentioned above. However, her unending love for fashion and blogs got mixed up and she started her own video blogs. As her interest increased she continued to pursue this line of work.

It was the lifestyle blogs that earned Komal her popularity. Very soon she turned out to be one of the most mentioned bloggers in India. With a steady increase of her fans the number has reached 400k in Instagram and 300k in Youtube. This steady rise of her popularity also helped her life to flourish fast.

The Brands that Komal Prefers

H&M is the source for her clothing items. Maybelline as well as Forever 21 are the two brands that she used for the use of makeup accessories. For the fashion jewles her brands is Janpath in nerw Delhi. When it comes to the beauty products then brow definers and the lipstick are the two must haves for her. Jiya Jale, Havana and Paris are the most preferred songs for her, the favored composer being A.R. Rahman. Milan happens to be her most choiced vacation destination while her favourite food is from South india. Among the actors of her preference she picks Amir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachhan and Hrithik Roshan as the best ones while she considers Kareena Kapoor as the best actress. When it is about the style icons that she prefers, Gigi Hadid and Sarah Jessica Parker are the two names for her. White, obviously, is the favored color for her.

It is also worth mentioning that Komal happens to endorse a number of brands and products. At present her high popularity in Social Media has led her to be a great influencer in Fashion. She has become a fashion icon herself.

A Life of her Own

Ravit Shrivastav is the man whom Komal dates. He happens to be an Uber analyst is profession. The dating process had its start in the year 2016 and that has further strengthened the relationship. Even there are numerous appreciative posts that they make for each other on the social media.

Working Out

Komal is serious about health, but is not much regular when it comes to her workouts. With the frequent misses in the workout regimes she fills the gap with the diet. She considers food as the key to health.