7 Rakhis which are Chic yet Auspicious for Sweetheart Brother 

7 Rakhis which are Chic yet Auspicious for Sweetheart Brother 

Bond of brother and sister can’t describe in words because it is the most unique relationship when you would never know that when they would start to fight and reunite after a while. It is the whimsical relationship that’s why it is celebrated in Indian as a Raksha Bandhan festival. Yes, in the whole worldwide, India is the country which celebrates and cherish this mesmerizing bond of siblinghood.  On this blog, you would get some wonderful Rakhi ideas for brother which would surely win his heart. 

As the name suggests Raksha Bandhan, that means a bond of protection. On this special day, in India, a sister ties Rakhis around the wrist of brother and wish for his long, prosperous and happy life. This Raksha Bandhan, regardless of age and distance, turns the occasion into the most beautiful one for your darling brother by sending auspicious yet very attractive Rakhi to him if he is living far. Also, you can tie the below suggested Rakhis on the wrist of your adorable brother if he is staying with you. 

Let’s have the look at some gorgeous yet very auspicious Rakhis on the wrist of brother. 

Om Rakhi

Om is the most sacred sign which is highly valued in Hinduism and known for bringing prosperity and removing negativity. So, this Raksha Bandhan ties Om Rakhi around the wrist of your brother and makes him feel your pure love. Also, this Rakhi would not only decorate the wrist of brother but also bring peace and happiness in his life. 

Swastika Rakhi 

Swastika Rakhi is admired among people for its ability to bring happiness and good luck. It is a holy sign that will surely make your brother feel how special he is and how much you care about him. 

 Ganesha Rakhi 

It is a beautiful Rakhi which is nowadays in trend. This Rakhi is not only propitious but also beautiful in look. This Rakhi would definitely admire by your brother. So, let’s make the occasion of Raksha Bandhan the most happening one for him and wish him the best wishes for life. 

Sandalwood Rakhi 

It is a beautiful Rakhi which has a pleasing fragrance and attractive design. You can tie this Rakhi to your brother because it would surely bring a big smile on the face of a brother. 

Silver Rakhi

Silver Rakhi is ideal Rakhi to tie on the wrist of a brother because silver is known for its high auspicious value. This Rakhi would bring prosperity and peace in the life of a brother. Also, it is trendy Rakhi which goes well both with traditional as well as formal attire. 

Sai Rakhi 

Celebrate the Raksha with the Sai Rakhi. It is the most auspicious Rakhi which would surely protect your brother from the bad spirits and bring good luck in his life. 

Shree Rakhi 

Shree Rakhi is highly known Rakhi in the Hindu culture. This Rakhi brings love, happiness, positivity and prosperity in the life of a brother. So, let’s buy this amazing yet very propitious Rakhi on the wrist of your handsome brother and turn the occasion into the most special one for him. 

All the above suggested Rakhis are very unique Rakhis for brother which would surely take your relation up to the next level when your brother would know that how much you care about him via these Rakhis. If you want to buy or send auspicious yet trendy Rakhi online, then you can visit online Rakhi portal i.e. Rakhi.in. It is a reliable online Rakhi shop where you would get pure silver Rakhi and other Rakhi designs online to win the heart of your dearest brother and make him feel your love and care. 

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