5 Imperative Aspects to look for while buying a new watch!

5 Imperative Aspects to look for while buying a new watch!

The watches are the important accessories that enhance the look of your outfit. With the trend of unisex fashion, the gender divide between the accessory and clothing options is fading away. Especially when it comes to watches, women are no longer confined to wear small watch faces and dainty straps but prefer wearing men watches. In today’s time, women no longer feel compelled to follow water-wearing traditional rules.

Nowadays, many brands are releasing gender-neutral designs for male and women watches, and you can the most amazing designs from Certified Watch Store. The main idea is to choose the watch that suits your preferences and catches your eye, regardless of knowing for which gender is intended to wear it.

Imperative Aspects of Buying a New Watch

  1. Type (Analog or Digital)

Analog watches look like old-fashioned with either digital or roman numerals outside with clock hands. Digital watches display big numbers transversely the face, displaying the time as we see in mobile phones. The casual or luxury watches have an analog interface while the sports watches have digital faces. When comparing both, digital watches come displays the time which is easy to read, but other advanced features are complicated to use.

  • Style

There is a wide array of brands that create watches in all shapes and sizes. Basically, a watch can be classified into 4 different styles: Casual, Vintage, Sport, and Luxury. The style of the watch must look according to what you wear the most. If you are always busy in upscaling business events, a luxury watch will suit you. If you plan to wear a traditional watch that suits in business and personal settings, and vintage or casual watch should meet your requirements if you are an athlete or outdoorsman.

  • Material

The watches can be made of different materials, but the most common are gold, silver, canvas, plastic, leather, and titanium. The metal material looks fantastic after wearing, but the silver and gold watches give a finer and expensive look. At the same time, plastic and canvas watches are quite durable and useful but look cheaper. Leather is lightweight and looks traditional but is less durable. You must know about the material of the watch before you invest.

  • Features

You need first to decide where you’ll be using the watch. This will tell the style and type of watch that you must invest in. Even if you want to buy a watch more than just a timepiece, decide how many features and features. Get the watch with the main feature of a stopwatch, timer, a speed calculator, GPS, and multiple alarms if you want to invest in sport watches.

  • Water Resistance

With the advanced technology, almost brands are creating the water-resistance watches, so you need to worry about the water splashing on it. Many watches are suitable for diving and swimming and splashproof. If you look at water-resistant, only a 30m watch is splashproof and not suitable for swimming.